Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding Tower System

Number of views:75
Height:Customized height
Load Capacity:120kg,140kg,150kg,160kg,170kg,TYPE IAA 375lbs.,TYPE 1A 300lbs.,TYPE 1 250lbs.,TYPE 11 225lbs.,TYPE 111 200lbs.,300kg

tags: Ringlock Scaffolding

Product Description

The Ringlock scaffolding system is one of the types of modular scaffolding. It enables workers to quickly and efficiently set up, use and dismantle temporary work structures, thereby saving time and labor costs. Ringlock is one of the most advanced and complete scaffolding systems on the market. It is designed to minimize the number of components for easy installation and removal. A single wreath is at the core of all components. With built-in safety mechanisms and high load capacity, ring lock scaffolding systems are a popular choice in many different types of applications.

The ring lock system is very suitable for structures with complex elevations and shapes. In situations where angular flexibility is necessary, ring-lock scaffolding must always be provided. It is designed to require minimal storage space. This multifunctional scaffolding system can be used for supporting and overhauling structures in the construction industry, offshore engineering, industrial maintenance, and shipbuilding.

In the center of the bracket is a rosette, just use a hammer to connect up to four curly braces and four horizontal lines to the rosette. The ring lock can be used for round, curved or straight structures, as well as for mobile and free-standing towers. The system lacks loose components, which makes it easy to use, maintain, and store.




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