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We can provide OEM labeling and ODM customized design for our customers.

National Certificates

ISO9001, ANSI, EN131/EN131-7, AS/NZS, EN1004 standard.

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About Company

Shenzhen Tenda Safety Technology R & D Co., Ltd.
From 2011

Shenzhen Tenda Safety Technology R & D Co., Ltd. is a high-tech integrated company in research and development, production, sales and service. We are specialized in design and development of ladders and scaffold tower for many years of industry experience. As an industry benchmark and leader, we···

  • ISO9001, ANSI, EN131/EN131-7, AS/NZS, EN1004 standard.
  • OEM / ODM.
  • Own laboratory test.
  • Unique patented ladder.


Quality Control

The company implements strict overall quality management, from material selection to production, the whole process of tracking detection and monitoring. In the process of raw material warehousing, material breaking
Automatic production line of aluminum profile
The preparation of semi-finished products, welding forming, load testing, packaging warehousing and other processes are equipped with Japan's advanced and perfect testing equipment, set up quality testing points, and fully use computer management. Never allow any hidden danger affecting quality to flow into the next process.

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We have our own test laboratory. All metal accessories passed salt mold test to ensure that all materials meet the national standards. So that’s why we are the designated supplier of Little Giant in China. Our purpose is to achieve zero accidents at work and let every user go up and down safely, go home safely.

OEM/ODM Process

OEM/ODM---> Customer Requirement Analysis--->Proofing ---> Sample Confirmed---> Signing the Contract---> Order Production---> Inspection---> Mass Production---> Delivery ---> After-Sale Service


You could contact us for more details or feel free to make order as a trial order from our dr.ladder alibaba shop directly . We are here for you at any time: Tel/Whatsapp: +8618420150310

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