20-meter-high Hong Kong Golden Coast Project !

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Load Capacity:120kg,140kg,150kg,160kg,170kg,TYPE IAA 375lbs.,TYPE 1A 300lbs.,TYPE 1 250lbs.,TYPE 11 225lbs.,TYPE 111 200lbs.,300kg

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Product Description

Hong Kong Gold Coast Project

The 20-meter aluminum scaffolding was erected on the Hong Kong Gold Coast, all of which were made of DR. SAFET safety scaffolding, and were installed, inspected, and delivered on-site. In western countries, aluminum scaffolding has long replaced steel pipes Scaffolding, with its light and sturdy characteristics and recyclable and environmentally friendly characteristics have been replaced and loved. For engineering construction in Hong Kong, aluminum scaffolding is placed aside, and its mature and leading technology has reached the world level.

The construction process of the Hong Kong beach took a short time and ended perfectly, demonstrating the strength and quality of the Shenzhen Tenda aluminum alloy scaffolding project. Through testing and actual experience, it has proved that DR.SAFETY safety scaffolding is safe and reliable, and the technology has reached the world's leading level.

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