Insulation Fiberglass Extension Ladder from DR.LADDER

Industry I 2021-06-15, Number of views:147

1. DR.LADDER insulated fiberglass ladder is independently developed and produced by the company's senior team. It is a series of products designated by the Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Construction and the Macao Labor Bureau. It has been selected by various government departments, schools, hospitals, and international enterprises. Guarantee of confidence!

Using industrial-grade high-strength glass fiber profiles, it has excellent strength and toughness, more insulation, and corrosion resistance! It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and aging and has passed AC25000 volts and DC90000 insulation tests.

2. DR.LADDER insulated glass fiber ladder has 5 different specifications, with telescopic function, the height of the ladder is from 2.5 to 8.9 meters.

3. Various labels on the ladders provide users with correct usage methods and tips. The labels pass the N131 test standard and add anti-UV technology. They will not fall off or change color due to long-term exposure to sunlight and water.

4. The aluminum alloy parts are all made of 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The D-type step design is preferred with anti-skid pit patterns, which are also safe and reliable. The unique riveting fixing technology makes the strength and force of the steps and locks equal Pass the AS/NZS standard.

5. Professional-grade high-strength wear-resistant drawstring and high-quality pulley ensure that it is still flexible and reliable in long-term use.

6. Deepening dual-purpose ladder feet, rotatable, and non-slip wear-resistant hard rubber feet, which can work on hard and soft surfaces.

7. All the stainless steel parts selected for the ladder have passed the 48-hour salt spray test standard so that the ladder parts will not fail due to rust.