Shenzhen Shajing Pengzhanhui Demolition Project from DR.SCAFFOLD

Industry I 2021-06-18, Number of views:145

Construction project: demolition of iron frame

According to the particularity of the construction site environment, DR.SCAFFOLD provides multiple sets of double-wide scaffolding, 4+4 ladder frame + guardrail, 4+4+4 ladder frame + guardrail, and special reinforced diagonal bracing, which is firm and stable. The mobile aluminum scaffolding fully solves the problems of erection difficulties, heavyweight, and high labor costs. The support is strong, which effectively guarantees the safety of the constructors. Because it is made of aluminum alloy profiles, the weight is very light, the handling and construction do not consume manpower, and the transportation is also very convenient.





 Advantages for DR.SCAFFOLD:

1.Using high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy material with a tube diameter of 50.8mm and a wall thickness of 2.0mm.

2. Simple design, quick disassembly and assembly, no tools required.

3. Equipped with detachable skirting board (according to the needs of the situation, it can be quickly installed to prevent tools from falling).

4. High-strength wear-resistant casters with locks, sturdy and durable, adjustable height from 0-0.35 meters, suitable for uneven ground.

5. The connection strength of the components is high, stable, the supporting mechanism is scientifically designed, and the overall structure is safe and stable. It has passed the European Union EN1004 standard test.

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