12m Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding System for Building

Industry I 2021-06-29, Number of views:134


DR.SCAFFOLD provides multiple sets of double-wide movable aluminum alloy scaffolds. The mainframe + sub-frame are used to build, using retractable diagonal bracing, all-round reinforcement, strong supporting force, and strong protection of the safety of the constructor. Because it is made of aluminum alloy profiles, it is very light in weight, does not consume manpower for handling and construction, and is very convenient in transportation. It only took a few hours to build, and the work was carried out quickly, which fully solved the problems of installation difficulties, heavy quality, and high labor costs.

The aluminum alloy profile adopts special T6-6061 high-strength aluminum material, which has a strong bearing capacity, strong wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, and its weight is only one-third of the steel pipe scaffolding. It can complete the work efficiently and conveniently when working at high altitudes and guarantee construction work. The safety of the life of the person. Dr. Ladder, a high-quality scaffolding expert, professionally solves engineering problems and provides a safe and efficient operation experience for high-altitude operations.




Type: Scaffold Tower, scaffold tower

Warranty: More than 30 years

Application: Hotel, Building Construction

Place of Origin: Yangjiang, China