Ladder accidents

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According to accident statistics

A quarter of the fatalities from falling from a height were caused by ladders!

If the herringbone ladder was stabilized

If non-slip shoes were used

If there was someone watching

If you were wearing a helmet


But no more if

Special reminder here

Falling from a height is not necessarily "high"!

Bad use of the ladder will cause big problems

Don't take a chance





Be sure to use the "three-point contact" to climb the ladder.

If it is unavoidable to carry objects up high, please use a tool backpack or use a pulley to lift the objects to a high place.

When climbing a ladder, holding tools, materials, documents, etc. in your hand is extremely dangerous. It is easy to hold it with one hand or become unstable, causing people to fall from the ladder or objects from a height.

The correct approach is:

When climbing a ladder, face the ladder when going up or down;

Hold the ladder with at least one hand when going up or down, and always keep three-point contact;

Do not carry any objects or heavy objects that may make you lose your balance;

Do not stick out or use excessive force when climbing a ladder.

DR.LADDER promises to provide you with the safest and most stable ladders and scaffolding.

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